Numerous Benefits of Industrial Occupational Health and Safety Consulting Firms

Published: 01st September 2009
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Other than the initial training that is provided when an employee is originally hired, workplace safety is something that is often overlooked within organizations around the globe. However, this is a topic that could prevent and minimize numerous work-related injuries and deaths. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,214,200 recordable instances of work related non-fatal injuries or illnesses took place in 2005 in the private sector. While an alarming 5,734 fatal work-related injuries in all sectors also occurred.

Statistics such as this not only affect the individuals and families involved, but also carry over into the substantial costs for the employer and result in decreased employee productivity. Part of running an effective organization involves minimizing potential workplace safety hazards, training employees on a consistent basis, and maintaining audits to ensure safety standards are met throughout the corporation. However, many Presidents, CEO's, and human resource managers are unable to find the time or resources available to make occupational health and safety training a priority. Even yet, those that can make the time, often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a program like this full-force. Organizations should not feel that this is a never-ending battle; rather, they should rely on the help and expertise of performance based safety consulting firms.

The following paragraphs will address a few of the benefits that organizations can experience by hiring a safety consulting firm.

First, workplace safety specialists understand the tough challenges facing industry. By providing organizations with environmental health, safety and human resource consultation services, the occupational health and safety compliance consultants are able to focus on cost-effective solutions that work.

Next, many companies see the value in delegating the responsibility of implementing special projects to a professional safety consulting firm. Outsourcing specialized management initiatives are often the most efficient, cost-effective means for providing services that are tailored to the individual needs of the company.

Another one of the many benefits that organizations receive from hiring a performance management consulting firm is having a network of qualified consultants study the work environment. This helps to ensure that people on all levels of the organization are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. In addition, the workplace safety specialist is able to identify sources of non-compliance and potential hazards as well as suggest control strategies.

A further benefit of hiring an environmental health and safety consulting firm is that they are able to provide education for employers and employees. Many corporate environmental safety and health consultants believe training is the cornerstone of every successful safety and health process. A workplace safety specialists' performance-based approach to safety education and consulting is designed to help companies achieve their safety and business goals in a cost effective manner. By employing a safety consulting firm, the employer and employees are able to handle their daily responsibilities and rely on the expertise of other professionals to help make recommendations and implement changes to ensure the safety and health of all members within the organization.

The final benefit is increased profitability. As safety and environmental health issues gain more significance with organizational strategic planning, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to coordinate and implement an effective safety process, as well as provide training expertise at a nominal expense. Employers recognize the value of employees and their effect on profitability; and are taking steps to protect their health and safety by hiring corporate health and safety consultants.

When looking to hire workplace safety specialists, there are several key functions that the safety consulting firm should provide to ensure high quality health and safety services. These include:

*Assessing the workplace for potential hazards which impact employee safety by offering industrial inspection safety consulting services.

*Providing comprehensive and confidential services and training based on needs assessed.

*Working to develop site-specific, continuous improvement to the safety processes.

*Identifying and designing support systems for successful safety process implementation and maintenance.

*Providing follow-up services and audits to assure continued improvement in the safety process.

Health and safety are two primary concerns that affect nearly every organization at one time or another. By employing a safety consulting program, a team of workplace safety specialists will be able to assess the organization and make recommendations that will improve the health, safety and productivity of your workforce. The statistics speak for themselves. Many organizations are failing at a fundamental level to provide the basis for a safe and healthy working environment. Don't let your organization be known for carelessness and not meeting the federal, state, and local regulations set in place to protect your employees.

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